Aiming to revive Japan's semiconductor industry

As a part of the MEXT Initiative to Establish Next-generation Novel Integrated Circuits Centers (X-NICS), aiming for a game change to green the Japanese integrated circuit industry and supply chain, integrated research on systems, circuits, devices, processes, and materials and human resource development are promoted in order to realize green semiconductors with low environmental impact. To do. Bringing together top researchers in Silicon electronics, mainly from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Toyohashi University of Technology, and Hiroshima University, and promoting joint research with companies, new integrated circuits that will be the key to creating new markets such as EV and AR. Promote technology research and development. In addition, we will work on practical human resource development with a view to 30 years from now by a team that includes participating companies in the semiconductor industry as well as technical colleges. In addition, we will share the prototype line and design environment for experiencing all the processes of integrated circuit production, and enhance recurrent human resource development for working adults.



At the Green-niX Research and Human Resource Development Center, participating university institutions work together to operate the Integrated Green-niX College, which provides advanced semiconductor human resource development programs to students.



We have formed a consortium with universities and companies to promote integrated Green-niX research and human resource development for integrated semiconductor engineers.

Organization Chart

Leader:Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Tokyo Institute of Tchnology

Research Unit Leader, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)
He has joined the Tokyo Institute of Technology since FY2013 after his experiences in NEC Corporation, MIT and Sony Corporation. He has been also the Research Supervisor of PRESTO on Information Carriers and Their Integrated Materials/Devices/Systems, and the Director of the Japan MOT Society from FY2019.

Sub-Leader:Kazuaki Sawada, Toyohashi University of Technology

Graduated doctoral course of Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT), Research Associate at Shizuoka University Electronics Engineering Research Institute, after working as a visiting professor at Technical University of Munich, Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Director of Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS) of TUT.

Sub-Leader: Akinobu Teramoto, Hiroshima University

Graduated doctoral course of Tohoku University, after working LSI laboratory of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, after working as an associate professor and a professor at the Future Science and Technology Joint Research Center, Tohoku University, currently Director and Professor of Research Institute for Semiconductor Engineering, and Professor of Quantum Matter program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering in Hiroshima University.


Representative Institution


Core Partner Institutions

Toyohashi_U Hiroshima_U

Collaborative Institutions

Meiji_U AIST QST NUT Kousen

Cooperative Institutions

Ablic accenture Asahi_KASEI canon Hitachi_Hightech IBM KE KIOXIA Mazda Nagase Nanobridge nuvoton Phenitec renesas ROAM SCREEN socionext SUMCO Sumitomo_Electric Sumitomo_Seika SONY

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